Thursday, March 19, 2009

Novel Draft Finished, Published Child (Contest Winner)

Post-Vacation Week

It's Friday. My first week back from vacation went unusually smooth. I didn't have that blah feeling that usually accompanies my return to daily routines and and tasks. I believe this is because I went nowhere particularly fascinating for my vacation. I stayed at home, continued my regular routine of avoiding chores, and visited regular places like Barnes and Noble and the movies. It felt like a really extended weekend where I could have probably gotten so much more done. Actually, if you look around it appears I hardly did anything. I did however finish the draft of my novel, got my teeth cleaned and reshaped, held a Rockband Party with Ivan, knitted three-fourths of a Joey Ramone doll, cooked almost every night, helped Phil with the taxes, and filed two and a half years of paperwork (thanks Ivan).

In the week and a half that has followed I have managed to transcribe 30% of my novel from my handwritten notes. It's gone more smooth than I anticipated and I have only one and a half working notebooks to finish typing up. After that I will take Stephen King's advice and let the dust lie for a month before starting the editing process. That should be just about enough time to do my dishes and finish the laundry. No, really, I have offered to help Kendell finish some choreography and I am understudying "Snow" for Senior Company. I've agreed to update Charitable Gaming Products website monthly and so I have some things to work on there. I'll probably knit and play the piano. It's tough to say I'm kind of spastic that way.

Ivan's Good Year

Congrats to Ivan who once again will walk away with a first place win, this time in the Junior Division of the Statewide Poetry contest. He got the call while I was hunting down deodorant in the supermarket the other day. He was so jazzed he started emailing his teacher, Jen, and Thalia. He will receive his award and read "Rules" during the recognition ceremony on Saturday, March 22 in the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts Bear Gallery (on the 3rd Floor) at 2pm. Check out Ivan's kudos in today's article.

From what Ivan tells me the inspiration came to him as he was waiting for his Hot Pocket to cook in the microwave at school. (Raised eyebrows here).

Before We Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Happy Birthday three days early Ursie!

Ivan turns 14 next Saturday. On the 30th I will take him to get his driver's permit and try to get some fearful driving into him before the "spring" thaw-freeze cycle ends. Next to the first snowfall in October, this is the scariest time to drive. If you can manage this time of year then you can manage anything. Alright. I'll write more later. I've read some fascinating articles on goal setting and writing papers with grand philosophical intentions to blog about them, but too much good stuff in the real world is going on to bore you with the philosophical filler.


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