Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rockband Festival 2009

They Played for 8 Hours Straight

It was crazy. Yes, it was. Some went home screaming from insanity (after all how many times can you play Boston's More Than a Feeling?) We had to pull in an extra band member to see us through. There was some wrestling in the kitchen and diving in the snow. We all paused to ogle at the moose in the neighbors yard. And then like magic we had a guest singer show up for the last song of the day. I grabbed a cam while our final four musicians and Jen sang 'Truckin.'

I can't imagine repeating a day like that until New Year's Even when we do our version of Dick Clark's countdown. Who need big named performers on TV? Who needs real instruments? I play guitar, but that doesn't help me with Rockband! By then the Beatles version will be out and we can 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' ourselves to January 1, 2010.

Pre-Show Day Entertainment

Actually last weekend was just as exciting, as Dave C. laid out several D&D encounters that lasted into the wee morn (I haven't had to sneak into my house past my dad since I was 16!) Ivan invited me, helping me create a character several days before. The next day we were like plastic Zombie horses, but managed to survive. I think it took a day or two to fully recover and I was pretty giggly during the whole post-gaming haze. It was like old times, if not better. Dave does a fantastic job DMing and the kids are like a bickering group straight out of some badly translated anime. We'll go at it again in about a week when we meet again.

All the Scenes In Between

That said, I have managed to complete the first draft of my novel. How you say? I don't know because I have been pretty busy knitting a Joey Ramone doll for Ivan. Yet, I wrote the final sentences last night after all the kids left and Ivan was consumed by Star Wars: Battlefront. This morning I got up early and started typing what I've handwritten. There are only a few days left on my vacation. So I'm off to watch Speed Racer with Ivan!!!

Love Always, RK

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