Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Going Against Every Perfectionist Bone in My Body

I Made a Mistake...

I found out at 5:30 this morning when I checked Y! from my i-phone (there Yahoo!, you get a shameless plug). An anonymous person had filled out the form on and let me know politely that she found some grammatical errors and typos that would be embarrassing for someone selling copy writing service. Embarrassed? Oh hell yes! Especially, since the site has been up for three months and I have links to it on all my emails, Twitter, my Blogs, and just about anything with the Pagesculptor name. So you bet the moment I read that email I jumped on and fixed them (probably about six, including what was on my front page). Is the issue resolved? Well, yes and no.

In the past I would have just become furious with myself for releasing the site in such an imperfect state. I wouldn't do that to a client, so why the Hades did I do it for myself? But this time I decided to do something that I recently read in Jerry R. Wilson's book Word-of-Mouth Marketing. I decided to invite more suggestions and criticisms.

I did this legitimately. I believe my anonymous editor is actually a close friend of mine or someone I recently met in a web designers group. In order to reach either, I sent a generic message to my two biggest mailing groups letting everyone know I got an anonymous message, appreciated the suggestion, and asked for more. Publicly admitting a mistake, fixing it, and inviting more critiques has sent me into a tailspin because it challenges my biggest life notion: Perfectionism.

Just One Example

Yesterday, I could have been the poster child for Perfectionism. A guest instructor from New York is teaching class this week at Dance Theatre Fairbanks. First, I will explain that corrections are what you hope for in a dance class. It means the teacher sees your potential and cares enough to try to help you dance better. When anyone takes notes in class I ask to see my corrections. I this accept on a day-to-day basis. However, when we have guest teachers my perfectionism grabs hold and I am reduced to tears at the end of the night. Why? Because I got the corrections by someone I'm not comfortable with; therefore feeling more cut down instead of inspired. Flavio is actually a wonderful, direct, and inspirational instructor. Everything he said was true, put well, and helpful. The problem is that I am a A++ perfectionist, who barely recently downgraded from a from A+++++ status.

I am ready to tackle what might be the biggest barrier to success in business and in life. Guess what this means? I am inviting any of my readers to check out and give their critiques. I may not get to them right away like I did to the spelling errors, but promised I will get to them. I wonder if this is what is feels like to stand in an addiction recovery group and ask for help?

Write more later... Peace. RK

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