Sunday, April 05, 2009

Just One Goat Short of a Sacrifice

It Always Appears Harmless at First

This is how it started...four of us and a statue and a bunch of empty chains on the floor. We should have known that the worse thing in the world is a room that appears harmless, because eventually it will turn into this:

And then this:

And at some point we are down for the count and calling in players who aren't even there to save our sorry butts! You see that litle guy on the right? That's Ivan's character; only Ivan is in Anchorage at a wrestling tournament. But with all our characters about ready to pass on into DND lore, David graciously pulled him and Andrew's character out to save us. Of course, NO ONE playing last night wants me to tell Ivan that we got into one skirmish without him and we almost die. EVERYBODY KNOWS that Ivan will never stop reminding us that while he was kicking butt in Anchorage, he was also kicking butt in a small house tucked away on Farmer's Loop. Oh brother.

Of course I couldn't NOT tell him (eat that double negative Mrs. W). I started texting him to congratulate him on a first round win on Anchorage and then told him how he was there in much more than spirit. That went into a new round of sending pictures of who he managed to wipe out (often in just one blow; see above). He got a kick out of it until I told him Thalia was impersonating his conversation (rather accurate boastful lines). Then he really wanted to know what was going on. I never told him. Some things you just have to leave as a surpise.

In the end we made it through without another repeat appearance from Ivan's character (barely). And so we are set in two weeks to go at it again. We are still on our search for 23 halfings who were kidnapped by people with the same boot size as Shaq O'Neil. We looking for them in a labyrinth we joke is run by David Bowie. If all goes well, we should all be there (not just in cellular spirit).

Whew! What a weekend! And that was just one night! I haven't even broached last week, which included sitting in a show with a girl who spit gum at me, Ivan's birthday, a possible bar fight, getting yelled at by a Alaska State Trooper for being sober and happy, sledding, and my brother's birthday. Oh well, I guess some things just have to be left as a surprise.

Write more later... RK

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