Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Passing of a Fellow Character

Gwendolyn (Gwendy) Will Be Missed

Another full day of adventuring in a dark labrynth looking for twenty-three halflings. We fought major bad orcs and dwarves that shot arrows out their beards while Jonnie and I ended up caught in something akin to tear gas. Most of us went down for the count at some point or another, but our faithful fighter played so successful by Thalia ended moving on into gaming lore, as she was taken out by a big nasty troll-like character she had battled herself for all of that encounter (she had taken 118+ hitpoints out of him by the time she passed on).

Gwendy was in such bad shape my cleric couldn't save her. However, a wise DM (we love you Dave!) let me know that my cleric did have the ability to cast a ritual that would preserve Gwendy's body for 150 days (about the time needed to become a level 5 character with the ability to raise the dead). Thalia, however had a backup character made named Emiline, a halfling with skills different than Ivan's halfling because of a Fey Wild Pact (or something like that).

While Thalia is content to let Gwendy pass on I hope she chooses to play her again at some point. She was getting really good with character development. However, it is pretty entertaining seeing two halflings that can stand on each other's shoulders a equal a Yao Ming (+ some).

Well, I better go I'm meeting Jen in less than an hour and I'm not even out of bed. Write more later..PEACE... RK

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Anonymous said...

don't worry about Gwendy (ugh can't beleive i just called her that) she's not gone for good she didn't finish her background story storyline so she'll be coming back but don't tell the guys