Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting Good at Writing Character Eulogies

Foreshadowing At the Door

Jonnie, Ivan and I walked in the door of our gaming domain and there we saw the most frightening sight:

There in the jaws of our mascot is "our boy" Volosous. Thalia had put him in peril as a joke. However we should have seen it as an omen to an unfortunate afternoon in the labrynth.

The four of us headed back to the Seven Pillared Hall to rest up from a failed attempt to break onto the Hornets Hold. Not far into our return trip we ran into a pack of Zombies that literally ate us for lunch. Jonce escaped uninjured but Emiline lost a hand and a Zombie dined on my character. Volosous just took one too many hits and his character bit the dust.

And so to Alethea and Volosous:

Thank you for your service. We will miss you and honor your heroics in D&D lore.

In Come the Newbies

So at 2pm David is as stunned as the rest of us. Two people are suddenly without characters. So we leap into action creating new ones. Jonnie is playing a bard and David (we love you David!!!) allowed my rouge to be a red headed drow. By 6 or so in the evening the remainder of our party meet up with Zaire (Sam) and Elmsfire (Andrew) in the Halfmoon Inn. They are planning the next stage of the gameplan when "our girl" Gwendy busts through the door enraged with Jonce for leaving her dead body behind in a cave. Jonce found Gwendy's hand around his neck when she found out that he also left Alethea's body behind as well, but brought Volosous back for burial. If your wondering how Gwendy managed to return from the dead, think about all those dead soap opera characters that come back. Some people call it cheesy scriptwriting. In D&D we call it Divine Intervention.

21 Reasons to Celebrate success. 2 Reason Why We Might Have to Go Back

So now I'm playing a slick, but not so smart girl with the stealth of Mrs. W in heels. I triple dog dare the new bard to knock on our enemies door and bluff his way inside. As he does, my new character Amaya sneaks in behind him and hides in the shadows. When they take the bard to the other room, I make part of the room black an open the door for everybody else. Fighting ensues, a lot of people go down and get up and go down and get up again. We fight another flying like demon. Eventually we free the halflings--well at least 21 of them-- because 2 of them have already been sold. We the 21 out of the labrynth, though we did have one last tense moment with the bad guys. Our characters are now resting in a village before heading out to find the last two halflings.

What I learned most from this is always have a fighter, never let your leader/healer go into another room and leave you with a bunch of bad guys, and always have a back up character. Not quite sure what I'll play next, but you can be sure she'll have red hair.

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