Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Modern Equivalent to Refrigerators and Magnets

Electronic Wallpaper

"Can I put this as your wallpaper?" asks Miriam after an hour drawing on my iphone.

"Sure," I reply, "I'll even post a few on my blog."

"Wait!" my son turns to me. "Your gonna let her put her artwork as your wallpaper?"

He looks at me with a 'what gives' expression, after all Ivan's picture with his driver's permits has been my iphone wallpaper since spring.

I've come to the conclusion that many old traditions will continue to follow new technology. This simple request by Miriam and Ivan's reaction is akin to updating art on the refrigerator door. The old artwork (or grade sheets or essays) are slipped from beneath colorful alphabet magnets or those with the number for the pizza place. New material is inserted. There is an informal congratulations ceremony. Said child glows with pride and moves on.

I haven't done the refrigerator gallery but once. We had an old avacado green fridge that needed decoration, and so Ivan's artwork would get posted. However, once we got the new white one I limited posting to the side of the fridge exposed behind the portable dishwasher. This is filled with the family calendar produced annually by my sister-in-law and a few photos of our friends' families. Ivan's artwork is on display in my bedroom and home office, but really I catalog his accomplishments online, on my computer desktop, or on my iPhone; thus the reluctance to let Miriam change it.

People get very wrapped up in what it means to have new technology. I remember standing in a doorway at work, tapping out words for my novel in Quickoffice when an older gentleman at work passed and said, "Oh, you're a texter." I glanced up and said, "Oh, you're an emailer. I can do that from here too."

Quite honestly technology, whether our cell phones, laptop, PDAs or even that simple pen and pad have one thing in common: we write words on them to communicate with another human being. Sometimes we write words on them to communicate with ourselves. Sometimes we don't use words. Sometimes we use pictures. In the end it is all a jumbled collection too big for a real refrigerator. But what I have in this iphone is nothing different than what I would place there:

  • Dentist Appointment at 11
  • Pick up Hot Pockets
  • Return Thalia's bag and Jen's coat

Hell, if I had a magnet strong enough, I'd post my novel on the refrigerator too.

Eventually Ivan conceeded. It took negotiation though. I had to promise to return his picture to my iphone within a week. It give me confidence that if ever has to go into contract review with a gallery he might come out okay. Of course, if Miriam's involved...

-- Post From My iPhone (aren't you lucky)

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