Saturday, May 30, 2009

Door Number One or Door Number Two

Missing In Action

"How did we end up in this room anyway?"
"You won rock, paper scissors, remember?"- conversation between Amaya and Epsillon after dragging Zaire out the door.

Performing in Chorea Borealis meant I ended up missing a lot of this weekend's D-N-D session. By the time I got to David's (around 4:30) the rest of the crew already got themselves into plenty of trouble. They set off from the village to find the last two halflings missing from the 23 we saved during our last session. They had battled some bad guys and ended up on a mission to find a book, a bell, and several other ritual items. I came upon the group after they exhausted themselves in battle. They were joined by this crazy dragonborn that my former character Alethea despised. She was a friend of Zaire, but completely freaked out when Amaya came in because of her drow heritage. And even though Amaya is pretty goofy for a drow, this dragonborn was having nothing to do with her and so she and Zaire argued and she left. Of course this put Zaire in a real bad mood and he threatened to leave, but Amaya just teased him and continued on.

The party then came to two doors and played rock, paper, scissors, to decide which one to enter. We chose one with a cage of animals that was guarded by another real big animal. We were attacked (of course) and my character got to jump on bails of hay and kill bad guys! Then she got surrounded (oops) and had to be saved. Amaya nearly went down and had to take someone's healing potion. Zaire did go down and Amaya and Epsillon pulled him out. As they did, Amaya grumbled about Zaire calling her a 'traitor' earlier in the day. Everyone got out alive and Amaya closed the door, threw her arms across it and said, "I think we picked the wrong doors."

After that everyone hauled our sorry butts back to the half moon in, got a room, and passed out. We will probably go back during our next adventure, or which I will once again miss half (Solstice Performance coming up). This time I intend to be prepared with way more healing potions.

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