Monday, May 25, 2009

More Weekend Than Your Body Can Handle

Dracula's Wedding

In 1992, shortly after I graduated from high school a couple friends of mine introduced me to a role playing game called Nightlife. It's a Splatterpunk horror game in which you can play any number of immortale and undead characters running around New York. I played a hippy psychiatrist vampyre named Love. She made several appearances in Nightlife games played into my late twenties. Now with the reemergence of the horror (and not so horrific horror genre), I introduced Nightlife to the next generation.

We played over the weekend. I ran the core group (Jonnie, Ivan, and Thalia) through a series of adventures in the Los Angeles area. I chose Los Angeles because I am not as familiar with New York where it was originally based. The storyline I've created is in modern time. A lot of kin (generic name for the undead) have migrated west as more and more vampyres moved into the east coast and midwest. Only a few vampyres live on the west coast, but that all changes with Stephanie Meyers's release of Twilight. Suddenly, every vampyre feels entitled to territory around the Hollywood sign and people are so blinded by Rob Pattison's pretty boy rendition of Edward Cullen that they don't quite grasp how dangerous this new population is.

Before I go on, I have to clarify that I have a degree in Pop Culture, which is basically only good for playing Trivia Pursuit (and even then only one wedge). However, it gets used in in how I run Nightlife. For instance, Ivan's character is a spy modeled after Burn Notice's Michael Weston. Jonnies character is modeled after the Hank Lawson on Royal Pains. I really play up the whole
Twilight series phenomenon. That said it was a very interesting night.

To summarize all three characters are charged with protecting a head vampyre who is in LA opening a new nightclub. He cannot stand half of the crap modern vampyres pull and considers himself an exile of the east coast. He wears the same stylized 'Eye of Horus' design that is on Thalia's character's face and has appeared on a document that Jonnie's character has to forge.

All three are protecting Mr. Horus during the opening of 'Eclipse,' when five vampyres mist in, start shooting, nearly kill Thalia's character, and take Mr. Horus. Jonnie's character saves Thalia's character and they find one of Mr. Horus's employees on the ground infected by a vampyre bite. As they leave the scene they hear on the radio that Mr. Horus's new nightclub, set to open in two weeks, had been bombed.

More than that happened and there were a lot of twists, turns, and sub-plots that I will build on the next time we play.

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