Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They've Got a Healing Potion for That

The Longest 18 Seconds--EVER

Late to D&D again with Summer Solstice rehearsals going on (come see me dance on Sunday June 21 @ 3 & 7 on Second Avenue, Downtown Fairbanks).

When I finally get there Gwendy was clinging to a rock with Kruthnicks yanking on her leg, while the rest of us were falling down a deep hole. Gwendy fightthe good fight, which takes about 30-45 minutes to end after I get there. In D&D time it is like 18 second. The longest damn 18 seconds ever.

How they fell down the hole is another story.

The group is going to the Well of Demons when the Kruthnicks swarm out of the walls. There are two paths to choose from and after choosing one come upon a chasm. The guides becomes a werewolf. Sphynx tries to throw him in the cavern but misses and Eppie bull rushes him in. Amaya ties a rope to herself and tries to scale across with her super-athletics but fails. The others fight the Kruthnicks, but eventually end up down the hole too. Gwendy was the last.

By then we all needed food and a break, so we went to the market for soda and candy while David made hot dogs.

Anyone for a swim

When we return Amaya is falling, banging into rocks on her way down. Already barely alive she smacks into cold water and finds herself in a big lake deep in a cavern. Shale dislodged from her fall is crashing around her. She goes under water to protect herself when Zaire drops beside Amaya half dead. Amaya is trying to push him up when Eppie falls in. They can't push him up, so Amaya pulls a healing potion from her pocket and shoves it in his mouth. Zaire wakes and makes his way to the surface. Sphynx (Andrew's new character) hits the water and heads for shore because Amaya can sense something below. Ekon (Ivan's new character) and Gwendy splash though they are unconscious and so Eppie and Amaya swim over and administer a healing potion to Ekon using the same underwater technique used with Zaire. Amaya goes back to Zaire to help him swim to shore and Eppie and Ekon goes to administer a healing potion to Gwendy.

As Sphynx reaches shore, Amaya notices Trogdolytes on the shore. Sphynx takes one on head on and Zaire decides to join the fight. Amaya stays in the water dunking underneath to avoid spears, but popping up to throw her frost dagger at bad guys. Ekon and Eppie are struggling to get Gwendy to shore because big currents are drawing them back. Ekon and Gwendy manage to escape the current, but Eppie is getting sucked back. When Amaya hears him screams she notices a super large fin. She shakes her head and swims after Eppie. They both get sucked in the current when guess what pops out of the water:

Okay not really our mascot, but it was the closest we had to a scary being. Really the water serpent was more like the Pokeman Gyradose with a bad toothache (or stomach ache?).

It swallows Amaya and Eppie. Amaya channels some deep grit and heaves a major blow to the monster from inside and freezes his lungs. She then finds the gills and exits only to fall unconscious. Eppie follows with his own attack and squeezes out through the gills, dives in the water and hauls Amaya a few feet in the water when she wakes up and starts swimming back to shore.

By then the fight was raging. Sphynx head rams one of the Trogdolytes before going down. Zaire follows and Gwendy and Ekon have to bring them back to life. When the Trogdolytes see the big water beast they run off.

Haven't We Learned from Westerns about the hazards of the canyon?

Our group runs in the opposite direction. We find ourselves on a path that winds through a cavern (think of westerns where Indians are shooting cowboys from a high rocks). The Trogdolytes are chasing us and we see more in front of a cave that might possibly offer safety. We don't quite know because we had to end our game before we found out.

It might be a while before another post about the game occurs. It is summer and all the crazy summer schedules blows consistency out the water. Hopefully another Nightlife game will occur soon. Guaranteed you'll be the first to know.

Thanks to Ivan Kvapil for helping me remember what the heck went on!

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