Sunday, June 07, 2009

Three Fish, Two 4-Wheelers, and a Cabin

The Hard Road In

We made our annual trek into the wilderness for a weekend camping trip. This year we reserved an ADF&G cabin on Lisa Lake, loaded up our gear and 4-wheelers, and drove 30 miles outside of Delta Junction for an adventure like no other.

Rain fell hard when we arrived. I had been warned that the mile-long trail into the cabin might be "boggy." I didn't quite expect the strips of deep mud that greeted us about a hundred yards up the trail. I grimaced when I saw the bog because I had gotten my 4-wheeler horribly stuck and it took a truck to pull me out. Phil led the way and his 4-wheeler got through. I got 3/4ths of the way down the first part and sunk. Thank God Phil put a wench on both rigs and got my
4-wheeler out. Then it got stuck a few feet further. And Phil got it out. Then it got stuck again. And he got it out again...

Just imagine this scenario for a few hours, in the rain, knee deep in mud. Ivan eventually gave up on us and walked the rest of the way to the cabin.

We finally reached a point in all this craziness where I could ride to the lake. Of course, Phil and I then saw that the cabin was across the lake. Having already gotten stuck so many times, I refused to drive my 4-wheeler in until Phil scoped out the state of the trail. He drove off, both of us worried because we hadn't heard from Ivan for some while. Lisa Lake is out in the middle of nowhere, meaning no cell service, no texting, nothing that we usually use to communicate with each other. So Phil rides off and leaves me imagining Ivan lost or encountering wildlife bigger than him. So I get the gumption to roar up the 4-wheeler and plow through the rest of the mush to dry train and head to the cabin. Ivan is there comfortably resting, though worried because it had taken us so long to get through. By the time we got unpacked and dried it was 10 pm. We laughed about the whole experience over cheese and crackers and then went straight to bed.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Day 2 definitely went smoother. We woke to sunny skies and a nice breeze. Ivan and I went for a morning walk after a simple breakfast. He and Phil went across the lake to retrieve the row boat and brought it to the dock by the cabin. We loaded up the fishing gear and I learned how to row a boat. Truly I felt part of some great comedy going in circles as I learned to control the oars. Eventually we got to where we wanted. Phil and Ivan caught three rainbow trout and Ivan rowed a good amount back to the dock. We cleaned the fish and ate them for dinner. I napped somewhere in between while Ivan learned how to chop wood. He sawed down an entire log and had it chopped by the time I woke up. I was impressed by his new talent.

After dinner Ivan and I worked on my Shadowrun character while Phil slept. Then I stayed up real late reading Stephanie Meyers's The Host.

Back From Where We Came

Our trip back took a couple hours, but did not involve getting stuck. Phil drove his 4-wheeler through the boggy spots and then came back to retrieve mine. We took a second trip in to get Ivan and I walked out with the fishing rods. We got home, unpacked, and enjoyed hot showers. Ivan and I spent the rest of the evening in Barnes and Noble after dinner. I have the cabin reserved again for the first weekend in August. I'm thinking of bringing Ivan and a few other kids out then, but not the 4-wheeler. That baby can stay home.

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