Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Golden Day

Back online after a long break. I'm standing on a trailer waiting for the Golden Days Parade to start. I'm dressed like a gold nugget while Yolanda (picture) is the Queen. We have a bunch of baby nuggets on the float with is and I have to make sure that they stay on.

This summer has been filled with dancing. I performed in Solstice (pictures to come), Gazebo Nights, and Angry, Young and Poor (pictures to come). It's been a challenge to learn and remember all the choreography, all the formation changes from week to week, and constant rehearsals. This Monday is my last performance. After that I get ready to head out onto the field with ADF&G Biologists. Then I take Ivan, Jonnie, Thalia, and David out to Lisa Lake. My summer is far from over.

As summer winds down things grow more intense. I have wrapped up several projects for Pagesculptor with several more in the works. Ivan is in the middle of the Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA) with football camp in the evenings. Tryouts are on Monday and he is pretty nervous. He has worked really hard this summer. I am pretty proud. He says it has been the most stressful summer of his life.

I expect updates will happen more frequently now that summer is almost over. Posts will continue to cover the latest D&D Adventures, review of various articles, artistic endeavors, events, and life in general.

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