Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the Barre; Baddies at our Back

Senior Company

"I had a choice: I could have had an abusive husband, or I dance."--Rachael Kvapil.

The first full week of dance passed quickly and, unfortunately, painfully as I get used to the three class/day schedule. The giddiness of returning to our regular schedule melted into sore, exhausted muscles. We all love to dance, but hate to hurt. We keep coming back though, which means we are either gluttons for punishment or... well I can't think of anything, so it must be we are gluttons.

DTF held Company auditions Friday with results posted by Saturday morning. I'm back in company and working on most pieces learned by my fellow dancers. The exception is variations, as my pointe work is still not that strong. We discovered last week that part of this is from ill-fitted pointe shoes, but I also know that the problems I've had with my back and hips has compounded the issue. I'm taking my pointe classes on flat until my new shoes arrive. Taking pointe in flat shoes is extremely tiring and my calves always cramp and hurt so badly. By Wednesday I could barely stand in releve much less balance. The soreness cleared by Thursday and we worked on more posture issues in ballet class. My muscles didn't appreciate this much and as I was jumping in a really nice fifth position, something gave and I pulled a muscle in the side of my foot. It took me out of ballet early and I didn't go to tap to avoid putting too much pressure on it. The weird thing was that it didn't hurt when I walked or ran, just when I releved or jumped. I taped it for auditions and this helped a lot.

Despite my LOVE (hmpft) of auditions, this one wasn't too bad. I did pretty decently in everything except ballet. We have several knew teachers who threw some really tough combinations our way. I've always considered myself a pretty good dancer,but this semester is really going to challenge me in some new ways. I'm pretty excited, and yes, already pretty frustrated with myself. I can't be ALL happy and cheery. You know that is not me. If I'm not in some self-flailing mode, then I probably don't care about whatever it is I'm doing. It is so Catholic of me to behave that way.

That said! Mark your calendar for the following dates:
  • October 31st: A Show in a Day: Boogie Juice (Firehouse Studios; usually @ 7PM)
  • December 10th, 11th, 12th: Winter Soup Showcase (Firehouse Studios; usually @ 7PM)

Of course, I'll bring you more details as we get closer to showtime.

The REST of Life

(From Reaper: Season 1; Episode "What About Blob?")

Sock: All right, listen to me. I'm not advocating violence here. But if you need to... uh... "take care of Greg," I know some people.

Sam: Yeah, I know the Devil. I think my people trump your people.

Sock: Yeah... Oh, yeah

D&D weekend and we went to town jumping through portals and ending up who knows where fighting who knows what. Actually, I know we fought a lot of big giant brass beasts and a really mean bad guy who liked to zap everyone with lightening. I learned a bit about Amaya's character when I had to reveal a secret no one knew. I'd share it, but really no one is supposed to know. Ivan rolled up a 7th level Martialist using a new book written by Nicholas Kristof and published by the Fantasy Cartographic. This character was one bad dude and David made it clear that this was a character that would probably not make a return appearance . It's DM speak for I don't want my bad guys to die so damn fast. Oh well, at least I now have a pretty good idea how to write my review for Roleplaying Tips.

Sunday was mellow with my head spending more time on the pillow that in the game (of life). Around 4pm, Ivan and I started the grocery shopping and running a bunch of errands. We then came home, ate, and sat around watching Reaper the rest of the night. I tried walking on the treadmill, but lost my motivation after about 15 minutes. I didn't iron and only cleaned a little bit of the kitchen. I hate weekends where I oversleep. It makes me feel like I got nothing done all week.

And so we are back to Monday. Already I have completed a lot of family tasks and prepared my calendar for next month (mostly). I've been editing my novel on a regular basis now. I'm still not far into the revision process, but actually I'm kind of on the third draft of the first third of my novel. I figure if I get the base of the story right, the rest will be easier to shape.

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