Thursday, October 08, 2009

Give Feedback on Latest Short Story

Renovation to the area around my home studio is complete. I've still got boxes piled around, but I cleaned off enough desk space to put my laptop and my project notebook. Top on my list aside from editing my novel: Complete the pile of short stories drafted over the years. The first on my list is Alaskans for Albedo, written some years ago while assisting with the University of Alaska Fairbanks STEP Program. Chris Pietrich was conducting a session on albedo and took teachers outside to take readings on a pyranometer (see side picture). That inspired a story (approx wd ct 1,450) about the opportunistic behavior that comes whenever crisis, this time global warming, looms.

Feedback and/or suggestions where to publish this story can be posted below. The PDF is password protected. Facebook and Twitter friends received the password in posts. If you've stumbled on K-Vap artist blog and would like to read Alaskans for Albedo email pagesculptor@gci.netfor the password.

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