Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crawl, Stumble, Walk, Run-- REPEAT

My Mother said never run with scissors like I couldn't do the same amount of damage with them just standing in one spot.- KVAP quote.

I've been taking stock in life the last few weeks. Now those who know me best will roll your eyes and believe this is nothing new. Yes, I regularly blog about the baby steps I've taken to create some work and then how I sit back and reflect on life. This usually happens because so much regular life has passed while I was steeped deep in rehearsals, writing a story, drawing, or moving things/people into different parts of my house. The process is a cycle, one that I waited to end; but now I see that this cycle of creativity is nothing unusual. In fact, it should probably be respected. Until now I have been treating it like a misfiring braincell instead of learning all I could from the process.

In the coming weeks I plan to post a bit about what I have learned about the process using the PBS show "This Old House" to illustrate each step. This seven part feature will take us well into March. Do you have a regular process of creativity/reflection? I would love to hear stories from other artists.


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