Monday, March 15, 2010

Percy Jackson Impresses Big Child

*Disclaimer: I have never read the book

So the critics weren't impressed and we weren't all so certain. Okay, I was game because things explode and it takes very little to get me to see a movie. Ivan on the other hand was much more wary. He is more die hard about getting the myth right, which is why the original Clash of the Titans makes him cringe: Perseus did not kill the Kraken with Medusa's head! But after a lot of jumping up and down and begging, Ivan and Phil agreed to watch Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief.

The Bad Part

Ivan and I were super confused about which was the child of whom. For some reason the only gods we managed to get right in our recount of the trailer was Zeus and Poseidon and that Percy Jackson belonged to the latter. For some reason we thought Zeus had a kid in this thing and we thought Hades not Athena was one of the parents too. Strike one! The movie trailer sucks if you have not read the book.

Once we got straight who belonged to whom and why Percy would waste his time going after his mother instead of going straight to Zeus who could kick Hades butt anyway (we just chalked this up to a stubborn teenage thing); we enjoyed the rest of the show. There was a lot more good than bad in Percy Jackson, especially if you have not read the book (or so my nine-year-old literary/movie critics tell me). We could get into how you cannot critique a movie and a book side-by-side that way, but that is a post for another time.

The Good Part

Thumbs up for a little originality. Percy Jackson is not the as visually fascinating as say, Avatar, but they didn't totally rely on the same old cliche stories and methods for getting things done (except the Hydra!!! Again Clash of the Titans). The most original part according to Ivan is the scene in the Lotus Hotel where Percy and his team are sucked in by the Lotus flower. He tells me that the the story of the Lotus flower is actually a paragraph long and pretty much unknown to most people. For this his gave Percy Jackson a high five. For this I give Percy Jackson a high five. Go see it. Take the family. If you've read the book, shut out that aspect of your mind. We should have learned from Harry Potter that you cannot follow the book scene by scene on the screen or else you get 5.5 hours of trying to figure out why Ron and Hermione fight so much!

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