Monday, March 22, 2010

Retro Reading: serafina67*urgently requires life*

Directly from the library of TJ-Crane:

One afternoon wandering around my friends living room I spotted this hot pink cover (oooh shiny) amidst a pile of other natural colored book covers. Immediately the style caught my attention. Susie Day wrote serafina67 entirely in blog format, complete with comments from other characters. The main character Sarah fires up a blog after her "guilt-ridden" father buys her a laptop. She becomes serafina67 and promises to have a "completely honest" blog and creates a Happiness Deadline that she plans to meet. From here we follow her attempts to meet this deadline in the midst of her father preparing to marry a new wife, her mother's new romance, and her own rocky relationships with friends from different social groups.

Since I don't ever read the inside flap of books (I pretty much don't read the back material either), I didn't catch on that the character was British until some 30-pages in the book when they started using words I'd only heard on Dr. Who. Unfortunately, I didn't find the slang reference in the back until much later. Really though, with all the Harry Potter and such, unfamiliar words were easy to figure out from the context.

Kudos for originality. The last book I read that was successfully written in the same format was The Color Purple. And while serafina67 doesn't quite have that depth, it does dive into some heavy teenage realities creates by parents who are sometimes just as lost as their children.

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