Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Artistic Environment: Inspiration Everyday

Many articles agree that the working environment is important to artistic inspiration. For instance, when an artists faces a mental block they often suggest working in a cafe, visiting a spa, going for a walk etc. These are all valid because after sitting a computer for more than four or five hours my brain is just as fried as the next. Yet, inspiration is something that should be brought into your everyday life. Alaskan artist Jen Eskridge took this to heart when redesigning my kitchen. Most of my regular collaborators know Pike's Market is "my place." I go to great lengths to make an annual visit. It's a place I've incorporated into my writings. In general, it is a place that makes me happy.

A couple years ago, my sister-in-law bought me a small photo of the Pike's Market flower stands, taken across the street from the original Starbucks. This photo provided us with color cues beyond the yellow that we had chosen for the kitchen (Tigger's Tummy and a Smackeral of Hunny from Disney Color). Later we searched through additional photos and found a photo by Chaz Carlson of Pike's Lower Level sign. We felt this could tie one side of the room to the other where the other photo hangs. This is where Jen broke out the paints and began her mural.

In between the two side walls she has recreated the lace/leaf design that will be in part of my windows later this week. When I first saw it, Jen was on break and I swore she stenciled everything. Later I learned that in under four hours she had handpainted the entire pattern across the wall.

There are a few last things to take care of like window treatments and a patch on the counter that didn't quite take to the paint. Phil is also talking about advancing the "dishwasher" project we planned for the summer. This has been a very rewarding experience. I truly feel more at home and very inspired in my kitchen. I even cooked lunch today for the first time in years. Anyone who can inspire me that way is truly a genius!


Jennifer - write on said...

Working with you on this has been great fun. We will fiugure out the "counter spot" and wrap the kitchen details in the coming week. I am hoping you will print your photo from Pikes of the Fish stand (Asian gentleman smiling and talking with customer) to be framed and hung. I love how that photo captures the humanity of Pikes Market. Thanks for including me in your feels a little like being a celebrity. Enjoy your Kitchen!

Chaz said...

I appreciate letting me know! It looks cute.