Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You, Biz Markie and his Earth Day Remix

Earth Day is an annual event that I get behind the way I get behind Catholic confessions. It's my one day to say to Mother Earth, "I'm sorry I'm such a dopey human." This year I can top confession. This year I can rap with Biz Markie. You know the man famous for singing:

You.... You got what I need... but you say he's just a friend, but you say he's just a friend....

And you know what? You can too. Below is the email sent from Repower America:

What do Earth Day, YouTube's home page and a rap classic have in common?


On April 22, we'll be releasing a remix of the top-ten-hit song "Just a Friend" performed by Biz Markie and Repower America supporters from across the country. It's going to be featured all day on YouTube's home page -- and you can be part of the fun!

Watch this brief instructional video about Biz Markie's Earth Day remix and then record your own version for a chance to be in the final video released on Earth Day.

Having a video on the front page of YouTube offers a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness all over the world about solutions to the climate crisis. But if we want to get people's attention, we need to get as many people involved as possible.

We already have a catchy song, but what we really need are clips of clean energy supporters from all over the country -- and that means you!

You don't need a perfect singing voice to get involved -- and for that matter, you don't even need to know the song. In fact, the chorus to Biz Markie's song is famous for being beautifully off-key. If you're still not convinced that you're ready to bust out rapping on tape, just lip-sync or dance in your video. (Or get your kids to.) The only thing that matters is that you participate -- in whatever way works for you.

We've got everything else you need to sing along -- lyrics, music and a video showing you how to record your own version.

Check it out and add your voice to the Biz Markie Earth Day remix right now:

Millions of people will see this video -- so if you know anyone who loves to sing or dance and is passionate about solutions to the climate crisis, make sure you tell them to add their voice to Biz Markie's Earth Day remix!

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