Saturday, May 08, 2010

Retro Reading: All Families are Psychotic

At the end of the book I thought, "Wow, my family's not that bad." Then I remembered:
  • Someone got shot in the guest house.
  • We have convicted forgers in my family.
  • My brother flipped the car this year.
  • Most everyone is either in rehab or headed there.
Yup, I guess ALL families are Psychotic.

This Douglas Coupland book (rumored to become a movie in 2012) is about a family that had done everything in their will to mess with one another.  They have gathered in Florida to watch the shuttle launch of their only "successful" family member, but get waylaid by a robbery, shooting, and attempt to con a man out of his goods.  Along the way they all end up realizing that they had a huge role in how they ended up in life and how they made the lives of their family pure hell.  Great book that will sometimes make you cringe, but will always make you laugh.

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