Wednesday, July 07, 2010

7 Days and Counting

One week left until I leave for New York City with Jessica. I'm excited because it's the first vacation I've taken since 9-11 that didn't have a purpose. And even that trip was to see a Matchbox Twenty/Train concert. This trip is so much less planned. I've looked at a few possible museum exhibits and people have recommended some places to visit, but I haven't the day by day, minute by minute agendas that followed me through Indianapolis and my last trip to NYC.

This trip comes at the perfect time. While most people flourish in the summer, I wilt. Though I have designed my first wine label, and putting the wraps on a web site proposal, July is the month where I just stare out my window and go-- I have no idea what I want to accomplish today. This trip will be great for inspiration. If there's somewhere you think I must see, post it! I would hate to learn later that I missed something great.

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