Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fairbank's Newest Art Society

It's got a simple title: Art Night
Membership is easy: You show up to Jen Eskridge's house.
No age too young.
No age too old.
All art styles welcome.

Fairbanks, AK is the second largest metropolitian area, but in a state know for Palin and igloos (maybe Palin IN igloos?), people forget that people here are just like those everywhere else. Ooo, I can here some old-timers grouse about my assessment, but really the old days of struggle is over. We have plug-ins for our 4x4s, a Lowes AND a Home Depot, and at least five Starbucks! The only thing we struggle with is to redefine ourselves. And this is where Art Night comes in. Once a week artists get together for conversation while they work on their latest creation. And there isn't a limit on the type of art. For the past few weeks Ben has blessed a hungry crowd with his latest culinary specialty. Some people knit. Some draw. I edit my latest writing project. Ivan paints Warhammer minis.

Perhaps what makes it work, is the cozy atmosphere. Jen hosts Art Night in a cabin that, despite a recent expansion upstairs and into a new edition, is still smaller than most meeting rooms where other art groups regularly gather. There is no pretentiousness in her piles of art books and stacks of paper or canisters of paint brushes, crayons, and pencils. Between the main and supplemental table and the two couches, you will end up sharing a creative bubble with someone you've seen around town, or at school, or is a friend of a friend. Yet, instead of feeling awkward, you find comfort that someone is showing you a new side of their personality as you share yours.

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