Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Podcasting Tutorials: Podcast + Videocast Essential Training

For Podcasting Tutorial

I just completed Garrick Chow's Podcasting Tutorials: Podcast + Videocast Essential Training offered on Though Chow produced this in 2006, much of the information is relevant four years later. He makes learning pod and video casting easy and has enough of a sense of humor to keep things interesting without become trite. The tutorial goes through planning a cast, producing and editing a cast, and publishing a cast on a blog or through a feed service. There is a small section about making a profit from pod and video casts. So does this mean I plan to add casts to my blog. Probably not soon. I viewed the tutorial because I want curious as to if it took much more skill than I already had. I think the only thing keeping me from adding casts is a video camera and time; mostly time. But maybe as they year progresses since so many interesting things are slated for Fall 2010/Spring 2011. Besides our usual Winter Showcase, Dance Theatre Fairbanks is planning to attend Dance Excellence in L.A. in April 2011. Ivan and I are trying to learn Kung Fu drills for a competition in October 2010. Art Night is hosted every week by Jen Eskridge, which results in a mix of creativity. And who knows what else will pop up. I just found out a half hour ago I was going to Seward to videotape a football game!

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