Thursday, August 12, 2010

PSA: Clean the Coffee Makers!!

Checking out the grossness

In the hallway, Eric approaches wearing one blue latex glove holding a grocery bag

Eric: You wanna see something?
Me: Is it gonna make me puke or cry?
Eric: It might.
Me: Uhh...
Eric gets gold stars. Big stars to rival the sun.

Eric cleaned the coffee maker for the first time in four years.  Not just wiped it down. Not just poured some vinegar or citrus juice.  He pulled the damn thing apart.

Close up of deposits from the
break room coffee maker. Yuck!
The surprise in the bag were chunks of mineral deposits that had built in the coffee pot.  Huge sheets hard enough to be pottery and just as pretty.  We all covered our mouths and gasped.  We "eww"ed and "ugg"ed as we thought about what we had been drinking the past four years (well, not me I don't drink from the breakroom pot). Andy came by and said, "It's just minerals. It's not gonna kill you." Andy doesn't drink from the breakroom pot either.

So, ladies and gentlemen I felt the level of unseen grossness deserved a special post of it's own.  Save yourselves and take apart and clean your coffee pot. But since Andy's right that mineral deposits won't kill you, then do it for the sake of making better tasting brew.

I could serve coffee using my rear as a ledge.
--Jennifer Lopez

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Patrick S. Kelly said...

That is just crazy! Guess they will clean it a little more often from now