Sunday, September 26, 2010


Big News: Ivan is learning to drive. By March he will be cruising in my Hyundai while I veer off into a newer car. It will be one of the biggest changes in my life. Just as big as when he went to Highschool and we no longer had morning philosophical discussions or head banged to music in the bathroom mirror. It's the first transition to graduation and then moving onto to college. Already he spends many great times at his new hangouts (thanks Matt for driving him everywhere!). It's left me with a span of time to do my chores, catch up on my looooonnnng to-do list, and consider what the next five years of my life will be like.

In a month I turn 36. It's a fabulous 36 because there is so much good in my world. Sometimes my adventurous spirit puts me in precarious situation, but everything works out in the end. So the question is what should I focus on next?

It's like standing in front of the guidance counselor and stating what you plan to do with your life. I've considered a few new options and readdressed ideas from the past. Something tells me it's coming together. 35 was good. 36 will be better.

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