Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1-Up versus the Growth Mushroom

Last Christmas Ivan and I found the famous Growth and 1-Up mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers. Ivan and I are fairly selective about these kind of purchases. Probably more so than with our clothes, shoes, or hats. Our toys must reflect our personalities and say something about ourselves so we don't have to explain to our friends and family why we chose them. They know.

Ivan chose the 1-Up Mushroom because philosophically he's all about outsmarting and outmaneuvering the next person. I got the Growth Mushroom because philosophically I'm all about exploring life and the self and evolving as people. Not to say Ivan and I don't share some of the same characteristics, but at our cores we appreciate these differences in attitudes.

This week Ivan and I have had to take a taste each other's mushrooms. Neither of us has liked it. We have been grumpy, out off our element, and ready to snap heads off Barbies. Ivan has started taking more challenging classes in Highschool and now must develop more stringent study habits. It means he's had to sacrifice free time and activities to make the grades. I am returning to Kung Fu competitions. I hate to disparity of winning and losing, so I not much on showing people up, even if I am better. Our individual mushrooms taste great for our individual palettes. Ivan and I don't like eating one another's food. This has been obvious thus past week.

In the end one could say it will all be like eating one giant Growth Mushroom, but my 1-Upmanship will never be a permanent part of my personality and Ivan will always prefer controlling the war versus being in the trenches. It's good to know these things about ourselves so 1) We don't set unrealistic expectations for ourselves; and, 2) We don't let others project their expectations onto us.

So what flavor mushroom is yours, and why?

-Remember: Any number to the zero power is 1.

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