Monday, November 29, 2010

Adieu NanoWriMo Until Next Year!

The NanoWrimo Winner's Badge

50,046 words in 29 days.  That was the final tally when all was said and done. I have officially completed a draft of the third story in a series of novels called The History of a Wired Nation.  Every November NanoWriMo sets a simple challenge.  Write 50,000 words in 30 days.  Actually, if you think about it, its kind of a psychotic goal (so I'm recommending that you you don't think about it.).  It's like in the movies where you see women in playpens with their typewriter, drinking too much coffee staying up way too late, and not being able to have a conversation without calling their best friend the name of their main character.

Okay, my son is 15 and so I'm not hiding in a playpen and so far my friends have really unique names like Lachlan and Jarek and Robert Thomas Desrochers Williams and Blastoise (don't ask) to be accidentally called Nicholas.  As for the staying up too late and drinking too much coffee, well just mark that down to the fact that some habits either die hard or don't die at all now matter how hard we try to kill them.

50,000 words from start to finish
So what did I accomplish is this year's efforts?

  • I managed to get Zombie Velociraptors in the book (inspired by Daniel Thoman) and Cyberninjas (inspired by Jen Eskridge)
  • I revealed the identity of the DIVA server.
  • I finally wrapped up this whole Angela/Nicholas search for their daughter drama.
  • You meet everyone in the Inner Circle.
Next year I think I will throw the novel either Byrce's way or to the DIVA server.  This book ended up nothing like my partial outline which is what made this year's experience mind blowing.  Thank you to everyone who supported my insanity.  This was a very cool year!

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