Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ice Rain Holiday About More than Boredom and Cabin Fever

Icy roads force many to stay home--
picture blatantly stolen from John
Spiers Facebook page.
The world outside of Alaska is getting doused in snow.  In Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, where I grew up, they have had nonstop snow and expect to get 8-10 inches by Friday.  Seattle, Washington, where I hung out as a teenager, is getting snow; which is the past decade isn't as big of a phenomenon as it once was, but they are still shocked by it.  In Fairbanks, Alaska we go from 90 above to 50 below in any given year.  People here are diehards who keep going.  Schools don't have "snow days."  They have "ice rain" days.  And this year it has meant an extended vacation for students and government employees.

This has truly been a type of "staycation." Yes, I just took a vacation in New York in July. Yet, it was weeks of running around taking dance classes and overstimulating myself with sites and sounds of the Big Apple.  Even my staycations of the past are more about working on novels then they are about rest and relaxation.  I usually take classes if there are any or I'm rehearsing for some upcoming show.  Rarely do I take advantage of all the downtime like I have this time.

Now I won't lie to you.  I am in the middle of NanoWriMo and so some writing has happened.  I did do my laundry because there is a possibility that I may actually have to show up to work tomorrow.  But I spent yesterday and today napping in the evening.  I slept later today.  I let my mind do pretty much nothing until now.  I read over a lot of drafts to stories I never completed and once again wondered "Why?"

So while many of my friends complain about their boredom and cabin fever, I've enjoyed my extended weekend and look forward to my holiday even if I have to go to work tomorrow.  It's enchiladas after all, and pumpkin pie.

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