Friday, December 03, 2010

Darth LeBron and the Miami Empire

"It's almost like your ex-girlfriend coming to your wedding'' ~Mo William (Cleveland Cavaliers)
"It's like showing up at your ex-wife's wedding with your Miami crew"~Charles BarkleyInside the NBA
announcer in a pre game commentary)

Except when it's not.  

This is how ridiculous this whole LeBron vs. Cleveland fans thing is: Playing the Imperial Death March while introducing LeBron James's name so that fans can boo him. LeBron James on the same level as Darth Vader? I think not.

Maybe this is me being insensitive to Cleveland fans, but LeBron is nothing more than an ex-teammate of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  A team that is a business franchise and LeBron was paid to play games.  It was a mutual business arrangement that ended this summer.  Yes, it ended terribly and LeBron let the world know in a way that is akin to the ex-boyfriend shrugging off the ex-girlfriend.  However, rumors had been going on for almost a year that LeBron was moving on if Cleveland didn't win big in 2010.  Why act so shocked and hurt when it happnened?

Not only that, but LeBron did not come to Cleveland the way an ex-boyfriend/ex-husband shows up to a ex-girlfriends/ex-wife's wedding with his Miami crew.   LeBron came to Cleveland because it was on his team's schedule to play basketball.  That's right people--LeBron is an employee with a work schedule.  He gets paid for what he does just like you and I get paid to show up at our jobs everyday.  Now if he showed up in Quicken Arena outside of game time to taunt his ex-teammates with members of his Miami crew, then we'd be talking a different story.  But we're not. So get over it.

Above all we must remember that 'fan' is nothing but a shortened form of the word 'fanatical.' Fanaticals were the very same people who got kicked out of England in 1608, sent to Holland where they were kicked out in 1620, and ended up having to come to America; which if you think about it probably explains a lot about America. 

In the end, Cleveland lost.  They were dejected, but I think it was more than just the score (thoughts below posted to Facebook):

Dear Cleveland,
Your fans wasted their energy booing LeBron instead of cheering you.  As a team, I'd be offended! Come on, after 7 years haven't you figured out that LeBron get better when you piss him off.
Maybe Cleveland fanaticals will focus their energy on supporting their team. It might encourage them to win.

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