Thursday, January 13, 2011

How Being Taken Out By Adobe is Like Fighting Daleks & Other Things That Make Question My Perspective on Stress

When Ivan was little he used to gripe about how easy my job was.  I was an arts administrator at the time, which to a kid "art = fun!"  The administrator part? Well, that was a just a title they gave so they could pay you.  One day I decided to take Ivan to work with me.  It was probably a holiday or a freak snow day, but he came.  Now Ivan is not a softy when it comes to stress.  I had previously been a television reporter and he used to follow me on a lot of those adventures; having the gumption to play his Game Boy Advance during Senator Lisa Murkowski's press conference and asking former Senator Ted Stevens why he should choose him at Kid's Voting.  Yet, that day I had to set up for an event, make sure things were getting set up in the gallery, finish a newsletter and run it to the printers, on top of taking and making a bunch of phone calls and attending meetings.  Needless to say we spent half the day in the car, eating lunch on the go and barely sitting down for five minutes.  At the end of the day he said, "I never want to be you or have your job!"

Welcome to my life.  My whole life.  It doesn't vary much from the above story.  People, places, assignments, and seasons may change, but I don't change.  And this is not an appeal for change, or a promise, or encouragement. I've tried to slow down and I end up in tears or physically injuring myself or just getting into a lot of trouble.  What this is an evaluation of my perception of stress.  Yesterday, we finished giving my computer a fresh start with the operating system.  I got all my Adobe software installed and began testing my new video camera, only to realize that it didn't play the footage back like it was suppose to.  After researching some, I learned that it might have to do with the way I had the operating system installed.  So I got to go back and have the operating system reinstalled differently. Then I tried to install Adobe and had problems.  Second try--nope.  We think it's problems with the installation files.  See my head.  It's now bruised from banging it into a wall.

As I meditated, all I could think of was David Tennant (The Doctor) running down some benign street in London telling people to get inside because Daleks are flying around shooting everything in sight.  Cybermen are coming and Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) has the only gun that can take them all out.  Dr. Who fans are not allowed to correct me on what really happened because this is my meditative state speaking.  At some point as Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) is listening to Daleks shouting EXTERMINIEREN! & I start thinking how the hell does Adobe installation files have the same stress level as German speaking Daleks?  Yes, my computer hiccups have slowed down my ability to finish projects.  No, I can't resolve video footage issues until this is resolved. And damn if I am reduced to looking at Facebook on an iPhone or netbook.  But to say it's on the level with a German speaking Dalek?  I think not!

And so, day two of trying to get my computer in shape.  Universe, I'm trusting you to help me out with the Adobe issue today and leave the Daleks to the Doctor, Rose, Martha & something other than my subconscious. We also need to find a way to help me get a grip on this stress perception because last year it was nightmares about David Bowie tripping me in ballet class.  We don't need to go back there again.  Not at all.


Patrick S. Kelly said...

Did the Adobe installation files come from download or a disk? I HATE faulty installation files!! Absolutely maddening. If it was from a disk hopefully there is a download alternative. If it was a download hopefully it was just a faulty download and not in the actually server file. I know all about the technical stress.

Pagesculptor said...

Thankfully, I just had to redownload the installation files. It took all night to redownload though and so I was cranky. I just got everything installed and my video footage worked just fine. Now I have to get all the rest of the stuff installed and set back up. But first I had to reapply my lipstick. I can't function without it. Hahaha! :)