Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Bizarre Life Rating System and Why Everyone Should Have One

Recent Facebook Post/Comment Feed:

"I just solved a huge coding problem today.  I am going to have a beer when I get home...  I am racking up so many Beer Points I may have a party...Beer points are different than Karma Points that I use for good parking spaces."

Yes, I have a rating system just for my own special self.  Two in fact.  One for my personal life and one for my professional life.  There is the said Beer Points and Karma Points. Beer Points are earned by completing complex projects in a reasonable amount of time.  The amount of Beer Points depends on the complexity of the project.  For instance, I don't get Beer Points for going to the market because going to the market is a pretty regularly practiced task.  However, I do get Beer Points for figuring out how to script something in PHP using three new functions.  Karma Points are similar.  I don't get too many Karma Points for being nice to my boss because my boss is the coolest boss and being nice to him is easy.  I do get Karma Points for helping someone with a project or even wishing someone I don't get along with a genuine 'Happy Birthday.' Everything is situational of course. If you managed to do mundane things like grocery shopping on a day from hell then a Beer Point may be earned.

Points can be spent or accumulated at will and really in whatever matter desired.  For instance, I did not go home and have the beer on the day listed above.  I decided that while I certainly did deserve one, the Fourth of July was coming up and I would rather earn more and really celebrate with friends around.  Often times I will pass up great parking spaces and park way in back because I want to use my Karma Points when I really, really, really need that space.  Like during the Midnight Sun Festival when I had to get a video camera downtown and set up in 15 minutes to an event that was a quarter mile away and only accessibly by foot.  Thank you Karma Points for coming through!

I am certain you think this is insane.  But really it's not insane at all.  I developed this method of rating my efforts and accomplishments because as a child I felt at the mercy of everyone's opinions.  Even now, people are very quick to tell me how they think I should behave, dress, believe, act, etc.; usually people who really don't want me to share my opinion of them.  For a long time it just depressed me because I never thought I was "good enough" or someone "who could even make it in this world" despite success beyond many of my peers.  Karma Points started as a joke between my son and I when I started getting a series of really good parking spaces and Beer Points started recently when I wanted to improve the rate at which I get my projects done.  I find that I am so much happier rating my life by my own standards than by someone else's.

So, for the people who say life shouldn't come with a tally sheet:  It should.  And that tally sheet should be your own.  I know one girl who saves up Dancewear Points and another who collects Shoe Points.  Really it can be anything and the number of tally sheets is endless.  How else are you going to know how you are getting on in your life?


DarkRaph244 said...

I think the rating system is cool - however my real reason for commenting is totally off point - I want that chess board, lol! <3 u!

Pagesculptor said...

A friend of ours gave it to David last year. She says she got it at Amazon.com