Wednesday, July 06, 2011

If it Requires a "?": My Top Fears are Unusual

Here are the top 34 Fears according to

01.Fear of flying
02. Fear of public speaking
03. Fear of heights
04.Fear of the dark
05. Fear of intimacy
06. Fear of death, dying
07.Fear of failure
08. Fear of rejection
09. Fear of spiders
10. Fear of commitment
11. Fear of flowers
12. Fear of driving
13. Fear of dogs
14. Fear of dentists
15. Fear of snakes
16. Fear of needles
17.Fear of being alone
18. Fear of water
19. Fear of god
20.Fear of abandonment
21. Fear of long words
22. Fear of clowns
23. Fear of falling
24. Fear of change
25. Fear of germs
26. Fear of music
27. Fear of doctors
28. Fear of crowds
29. Fear of being touched
30. Fear of open spaces
31. Fear of engulfment
32. Fear of girls
33. Fear of thunder
34.Fear of  looking at lists of fears? ;-)

Now compare it to my top five fears:

  1. Fear of Drowning
  2. Fear of Falling
  3. Fear of Not Being Able To Sleep
  4. Fear of  House Paint
  5. Fear of Asking People for Testimonials

I don't even know what planet I come from with regards to fears #3-5.  In fact, I didn't even know I had fear #5 until this morning when I started updating my website and realized I didn't have a testimonial for my media page. I immediately thought of a client who could give me a testimonial because I had produced a package of videos for them earlier this year.  And then I stopped dead in my tracks: I would have to email them and ask for the testimonial.  I could feel my gut wrench at the thought of having to ask for the testimonial.  Now this gut-wrenching feeling had nothing to do with my relationship with the client or the quality of the work.  It had to do with the "?" I would have to write at the end of "Would you be able to write me a testimonial".  I am a bit sensitive about "?" because there is nothing definitive about the answer.  Call it a control freak thing, but once the "?" is out there it is up to someone else to give an answer.  I feel very insecure in this whole process.

Did I write the "?"  Well, of course.  Don't get me wrong, it took a long time to write the email and even longer to stare at the send button before actually pressing it. But I did. And I got an out-of-office reply that will just make the wait more excruciating.  But you know, regardless of the answer and least I put the "?" out there.

Fear of House Paint Really?

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