Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Very "Charlie Brown" Post

"Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it." Tallulah Bankhead (1903 - 1968)

Sparse postings on the K-Vap Artist Blog
a lot like this Charlie Brown type Christmas tree.

I've been in an anti-social mood.  You may have gathered that since it's been two and a half months since my last post.  Oddly, I can't tell you exactly why I stopped posting.  At first I told myself that life had gotten boring.  The party was over and year in and year out I was doing the same thing.  Then I told myself that I wasn't really doing anything worth noting.  Corresponding this was a decline of picture taking.  Then one day I realized that I had stopped talking to most people.  Or at least I didn't talk to them as much.

In all honesty,  I have accomplished tons of stuff worth noting:
  1. I completed production of the "Pink Party" DVD for the Safety Dancers.  This DVD features all the performances from the September fundraiser for Dance Theatre Fairbanks. (October)
  2. I performed two hip hop pieces with the Dance Revolution Crew for the 2011 Cham Fashional.(October)
  3. I finished editing my novel Rebbeca 2.1 and started writing a book proposal. (October)
  4. I turned 37.  No small feat when you embrace an overbooked schedule, multiple projects, drama, and stress. (October)
  5. I completed another Nanowrimo year!  50,000 in 30 days.  Just under the deadline as usual. (November)
  6. I wrote two articles for The Alaska Contractor set for publication in December (November-December)
As we approach Christmas I have set aside some time for making gifts, writing cards, and baking.  My schedule is filling up as I begin production on the Dance Theatre Fairbanks's Winter Showcase video this weekend.  A few prospective web design projects are popping up in between general maintenance of what already exists. I'm not sure why I've been reluctant to share anything about my creative work the past few weeks.  It's as if a selfish gene took the energy from my accomplishments and drove me into a silence that led to a deeper more focused work.  Silence might be golden, but sometimes it's lonely.  I feel like a gopher that's sticking its head out of a hole only to find its shadow tired of waiting for him to come.

I feel in a way as if I've reached the end of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" where Charlie Brown is staring at his wilted twig he has chosen to be his Christmas tree. In a few minutes Linus will enter and tell us how this twig is the perfect representation of all that is going on and how we should celebrate it, no matter how small it seems.  So, here's to my past few months decorated with a few shining moments.  Let it sparkle until the end of 2011.


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