Monday, January 02, 2012

Choosing the Theme Song of the Week

It's an unusual tradition that came out of nowhere. A rather organic process that is unlike my ritualistic half hour with my Franklin Covey planner pouring over appointments, prioritizing my tasks, and notating materials needed for the week. Yet, somehow the selection is tied to the process of sitting with my calendar.  At some point, before the new week starts, I'll have the radio/iTunes/Pandora playing in my office or in my car. I'll suddenly hear a song and feel an electric spark that makes my eyes go wide and say "Oooooo..." Suddenly, I want to hear it over and over. While I work, while I drive, while I blog; I want to dance to it and sing (or rap) it randomly in the grocery store. I want to learn everything about the song. What shows/movies it's appeared in, and about the artist(s) who created it.

My weekly theme song can come from any genre, year, artist,
or language. It's selection is sudden and embodies my
prospective workweek.
The song can be old, new, unknown, or overplayed. It can be in any genre or in any language. At first, I never realized that I was selecting a song for the week. I'm a dancer and so I listen to the same song repeatedly during rehearsals, so I thought this was just an extension of that behavior. Then I noticed that the songs were correlating to my schedule with regards to the "feel" of my upcoming week. Sometimes that spark I felt when I first heard this song would last until my next big planning session. Sometimes it would suddenly end with the completion of a big project or a major event. Either way, once that spark was gone, I would start to listen to a variety of songs once again until that spark hit once again.

Some examples of recent theme songs:

My entire musical world can make an unexpected shift at any moment.  Last month it was all hardcore, modern songs performed by male artists.  Now its all about the seventies. Last week my theme song was "Long Long Time" by Linda Ronstadt. This week it's "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon.

Just to be clear, songs don't always have a direct correlation to my life. Sometimes it's all about the essence of the song matching the essence of my week. Sometimes the tone of heart-broken lyrics simply implies it's just gonna be one of those weeks, much like those troubling times I had when I was still part of the dating scene. Of course this week's song is more like a preparation for the return of an arrogant acquaintance. It's nice to know of someone else who has seen an ego-driven man walk around like he was "walking onto a yacht."

-Any number to the zero power is one.

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