Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Kanye Factor: Why People Hate This Man So Much

Kanye West inspire ire, disgust, and criticism because
he raps about his ire, disgust, and criticisms.
Kanye West: Cause I'm suffering from realness Got my niggas in Paris And they going gorillas, huh!

[Will Ferrell & Jon Heder] "I don't even know what that means" "No one knows what it means but its provocative" "No it's not..." "It gets the people GOING"~ Niggas in Paris

I posted these same lyrics on Facebook the other night and the equivalent to a bar room brawl broke out.  You had the Kanye haters: "He can bite me," and the Kanye likers: "I love Kanye!" and the in betweeners who reposted his other lyrics in subsequent status updates.

I love Kanye and I get why some people really don't.  Yeah,  he complains--alot.  Yeah, he thinks the world is against him--all the time.  Yes, the man really does act like the hottest shit on earth though he is quietly aware holes in his swag. Don't we all secretly feel this way?  We can all harp on the 2009 Taylor Swift incident, and justify her lyrical "response" in "Innocent" (off-topic this girl can rap as evident in Thug Story. I would probably listen to her if she changed genres).  Kanye is an ass.  He's even said it about himself.  And he is the closest to you and me as regular people as we have in rap music right now.

Deep down I think that's why people hate Kanye so much.  He is delusional about his haters much in the way we are delusional about ours.  I laugh at all the Brotips posts about dealing with Haters:

  • Broptip #433: Having haters that are two-faced just gives them more lips with which to kiss your ass.
  • Brotip #1232: Haters are just fans in denial
  • Brotip #1477: Love your haters, you made them

Of all the Brotips about haters, this is the one I choose to
live by.
Fans in denial?  Not my haters.  My haters hate me.  And you know your haters hate you too.  Accepting that not all people love us is one of the hardest lessons in life.  Deep down we want them to like us, or at least acknowledge how great we are.  We want to turn our haters into fans or our bitches (if we're vindictive). Like Kanye, we haven't yet reached the next step, which is to shrug and say, "Yeah, I have haters.  There is no need to rub it in they're face at every lyrical turn."

I've concluded that this is why people don't bitch about other rap artists the same way.  I've never posted a Jay-Z or Ludacris lyric to Facebook and had so much debate.  They are example of rappers who know they have haters and for the most part let it go.  We hear about them every once in a while in their music, but not ALL THE TIME!  Their life isn't about their haters, it's about their music.  We need to take note from this mindset and make our lives about doing what we do best.  The haters will take care of themselves.

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