Friday, November 23, 2012

Life Lessons: The Loss of My Identity

The day before Thanksgiving was a little rough. After a long, productive day, I was exhausted. I got out of my car to head to my last class unaware of two very important things:
1) I had left my wallet sitting on my car seat.
2) I had left my car unlocked.
Sadly, this amounted to the theft of my wallet, which I quickly realized when my son and I went to the market. In all honesty, after a brief moment of being angry with myself, I put the loss in perspective. After all, I managed to close my credit card accounts before anything was charged. I had a bunch of old half-used gift cards and some business receipts. And the only reason I was pissed still was the loss of my driver's license. I mean who the hell wants to go to the DMV?
Worn out I took a bath and reflected on that driver's license. It was a terrible picture in which I look like an albino with colored contacts and a wig. But for several years that had been my identity. Come Monday, when I went to the DMV, who would I be now?
Instead of sulking my way through they holidays, I decided to take full advantage of what I perceived as a clear message of change from the universe. I gave up my search for this wallet, decided to have my most unique Thanksgiving in a church I didn't belong to, learn a new board game, in addition to learning poker. I ditched my iPhone for an Android thanks to my husband and a great Black Friday sale. And for once, I didn't shop at all. I performed instead.
I decided if somebody really wanted my old identity they could have it. The universe has been hell bent on a new path all summer anyhow. I was committed to exploring where it goes.
See you at the DMV.

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