Thursday, November 29, 2012

NanoWriMo: The End is Just the Beginning

Day 29. 4:47pm. I reached 50,070 words marking the end off NanoWriMo 2012. A little voice told me just to push to the end today.  Thankfully I listened. About 45 minutes earlier I was hired for a video production project for tomorrow afternoon. This year was more hectic than usual. Writing several articles in between show rehearsals. Above all, I really focused on the storytelling more than the word count. It made it a bit more slow going, and at 50,000 words the story is only half over.

In 25 days the bulk of my major commitments will be complete. The show will be over, my reports will read and I'll be on my way to Guatemala. My plane time, a crazy 14+ hours, will be spent finishing my book. A writer's work is never done. We always imagine beyond THE END.

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