Monday, November 19, 2012

NanoWriMo: Pacing Myself Until the End

"Obsessions and fixations are not really my field. All I know, when the mind really grabs hold of something, look out." Martin Sage and Sybil Adelman, Northern Exposure, The Bumpy Road to Love, 1991
We have 12 days left of NanoWriMo.  I've been merrily writing along, fascinated by how quickly it has passed this time around.  It could be that I hit two spells where I was four days behind and had to push to catch up on the word count.  However, I sense it's most likely the opposite.  A majority of my days have been relatively quick work, either in the early morning or significantly late at night, depending on my schedule.  In the past, if it reached 8pm and I hadn't written, I would say, "Oh well, there's always tomorrow," and then go on this mad dash to make up word count.  This year has been different.  If it reaches 8pm, and I'm in the middle of making pumpkin pies (or whatever), I fire up the laptop so I can write down a few sentences in between getting the eggs from the refrigerator and the cinnamon from the cupboard.  More than once I have dozed of on my couch around 11:30 and persisted on writing the last 200 words as I come in and out of my slumber.  For me, NanoWriMo this year is more than just writing a novel. It's about mastering consistency.

Realistically, I'm not sure I could tackle a full 1,667 words everyday.  Some of my poor friends looks as if they're suffering in silence as I fixate my glace on the computer screen and wordlessly pound away at the keyboard.  My seasoned friends know the madness of NanoWriMo will come and go, and I will emerge in December with a newly drafted novel and the need for a few pomegranate martinis.  My newer friends are confused by my obsessiveness despite my warning in late October.  They have yet to experience a NanoWriMo season with me.  They don't know my happiness and warmth as I come out the other side, the darker part of my mind satisfied that it got to say all it had to say.
Yet come December, I'm hoping to take a little of this discipline with me into my everyday life.  As a freelancer I often write when the work is there.  But maybe I can be a little more consistent, even if its just writing a Haiku a day to capture the little moments in my life.  Today I wrote two while I was on hold with a local organization:

Iron Angel
Engines roar above.  
White lights cast from iron wings;
the world in its heart.

A Measurement of Love
A standard of love:
Respect, attention, listen.
You don't measure up.  
What will you take away most from NanoWriMo this year?

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