Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Writings In Between NanoWriMo: All I Keep Inside (Poetry)

All I Keep Inside

I closed the cabinet door
deliberately, firmly,
anticipating the click,
gripping the handle.
Flakes of creamer drown deep,
but not disappearing.
Their existence taints the blackness.
Makes it brown.
Makes it different than before.

My heart sinks.
You were here.
Now you’re gone.
My body is tainted,
yet delirious.
My heart is broken,
yet yearns to break more.
Ground into powder
that swims in your veins,
changes who you are,
exists with you always.

Then I remember your eagerness.
Your closeness to her.
The side glance (maybe glare);
some warning to go away.
No good morning,
No hey, no hi.
I release the cabinet door,
envisioning what’s inside
I no longer can see.
It’s all I’ve ever known.

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