Tuesday, December 04, 2012

KVAP Ponderous Moment: Defining Fun on Vacation

"I'm a very driven person," I smiled.
"You must be terrible on vacation," he laughed.
"I'm actually fabulous on vacation. Why?" I asked in surprise.
"Can you lay on the beach and relax?"

Who is for an interactive holiday?  This girl.  I get that it's
tough for some people to understand
And there it was.  The quintessential question asked by every one of my friends: Could I, for more than an hour or two, just lay back and let the world go by?  Well, the answer is yes.  On a week-to-week basis I spend plenty of time "letting the world go by."  Private time when no one is around and I can sprawl out in bed and stare at the ceiling.  I think of ridiculous shit--new situations in which to put my characters in, mathematical concepts I struggle with, what da Vinci would think if he had a computer to help him with his work, or how to use my brain more than the average 10% while I am alive. Yet, the concept of relaxing in a public venue, a venue with the sole purpose of doing nothing--a beach, a pool, a lake--the answer is no.  I've done it. And I consider it overrated.

Since my conversation with my friend, I've thought back to my previous vacations.  All of them I would consider fun, adventurous, and refreshing.  None involved a beach.

Vacation for me?  Finding out how the rest of the world lives.
That's what invigorates me the most.
I walked the Brooklyn Bridge twice, getting lost in Brooklyn the first time; visited the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, photographed Central Park, watched the Yankees play, and took dance classes in Manhattan.  In L.A., I went to the three big amusement parks: Disneyland, Knots Berry Farm, and Six Flags Magic Mountain; found a great beer garden and spent a week at a dance intensive.  This upcoming vacation is in that same vein:  hiking in Tikal, Spanish immersion in San Pedro La Laguna, and architecture in Antigua.  

Do I think my friend would enjoy the same pace?  Not a chance.  Don't get me wrong there are pieces he would think are great.  Honestly, who would pass up a decent beer garden? Yet, I suspect my constant movement would wear him out and probably get a bit too cerebral. He tells me about an hour or two is his max on a beach, but I suspect that if he got really comfortable it would be a bit longer than that.  I doubt I would even get to 'comfortable.'  I'd have spotted the nearest volleyball game before the towel hit the sand.

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