Friday, March 17, 2017

Returning to an Identity

It's been quite some time I've posted, as I took time to build my business Pagesculptor Studios.  I could get long winded about his adventure, but visit the Pagesculptor Studios blog or Facebook page for a recap.  Long story short, I've found my life missing something despite a prosperous client list.  Once upon a time I spent time writing poetry and novels.  And while I have many novel drafts that need editing, I spend less time creating for myself.  Though it may not be as refined and beautiful, it is necessary to process feelings and emotions.  And after 5 years struggling with a difficult friendship, it's time to process so I can move on to some type of reality where we are able to stay in touch.  At 42, I've learned that I can't change others, so I spend every day working on myself.  The internal adventure is just as fascinating as the external one.

Anyway, here is today's quick and dirty poem:

Demon of Friendship
by Rachael Kvapil
Poster by Rory Phillips

Ride a Bike
Ride a Demon
Demon inside
Demon does smile
Smile at me
Smile for real
Real enough
Real today
Today we love
Today you listen
Listen with tears
Listen without words
Words are dangerous
Words are courage
Courage I had
Courage you don't
Don't love me
Don't tell anyone
Anyone not you
Anyone is yes
Yes and no
Yes not you
You won't do
You are weird
Weird is relative
Weird is love
Love is relative
Love doesn't equate
Equate yes
Equate no
No you're wrong
No never understand
Understand I've changed
Understand me now
Now I hear
Now I accept
Accept your no
Accept your hints
Hints of regrets
Hints of desire
Desire I hide
Desire of regrets
Regrets of asking
Regrets of wanting
Wanting love
Wanting friendship
Friendship not attainable
Friendship is dellusional

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